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Invited Speakers

We are delighted to announce the invited speakers of PaPE 2023
Andries Coetzee

Andries Coetzee is professor of linguistics at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on variation in speech production and perception, the structure and limits of such variation, and how such variation contributes to sound change. He often relies on data from Afrikaans to inform his research. 

The Perception-Production Link:
Three Case Studies
Although phonetic theory assumes a link between perception and production, the exact nature of this link is not well-understood. In this talk, I will present three case studies that investigate the nature of this link, probing questions such as the following: (i) At what level does this link exist? At the level of the speech community, the individual speaker-listener, or both? (ii) What factors mediate the strength of the link? Can the link be relaxed (or even severed) in the context of an ongoing sound change or in socially structured variation? Case Study 1: The first case study focuses on socially neutral variation in the extent of coarticulatory nasalization in American English, and establishes evidence for the perception-production link at the level of both the speech community and the individual speaker-listener. Case Study 2: The second case study also investigates coarticulatory nasalization, but this time in an Afrikaans speech community where the extent of nasalization is socially structured. This study finds results similar to that for American English, showing that social structuredness of variation doesn’t necessarily impact the nature of the perception-production link. Case Study 3: The third case study investigates an ongoing process of tonogenesis in Afrikaans. The results show that there are members of the speech community for whom perception and production are not well-aligned, indicating that the perception-production link can be weakened in the context of an ongoing sound change.

Esther de Leeuw

Queen Mary University of London 

Tamara Rathcke

Tamara Rathcke is professor of English Linguistics at the University of Konstanz. Her research focuses on speech prosody, its phonological representations and variability across languages, dialects, and populations, and asks what speech prosody can reveal about human cognition. She often talks to other disciplines before making methodological choices.

Instructions for presenters

-Oral presentations
Oral presentations slots are 20 minutes, 15 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and speaker changes.

Posters, in either cloth or paper, should be in A0 size (maximum) and in portrait orientation.

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PaPE 2023 – Speech variation in the wild