PaPE 2023 will take place at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Our venue is the beautiful Collegium Berchmanianum. Built in 1929 as a monastery, it is now a national monument and the Radboud University's Academy building.



Hotels in Nijmegen

Mercure hotel Nijmegen
Hotel right next to the train station. From here it’s very easy to take the bus to the University. The hotel is on walking distance to the city centre. The hotel offers rooms for one (about €150,- pppn, breakfast included).
Stationsplein 29
6512 AB Nijmegen
024 323 8888

Guesthouse Vertoef
Guesthouse Vertoef offers an affordable stay in the city centre of Nijmegen. It is about a 5-minute walk from the train station. The prices of a 2-person room are about €110,- per night.
Nassausingel 3
6511 EV Nijmegen
088 004 2424

Manna Nijmegen
Hotel in the city centre, about a 5 minute walk from the train station. The hotel has a luxurious atmosphere and good service. It does not offer rooms for one. The price of a 2-person room ranges from 170 to 230 euros per night. This includes breakfast.
Oranjesingel 2C
6511 NS Nijmegen
024 365 0990

Pauw Hotel is situated at the Market Square which is about fifteen minutes walking distance from the train station. The hotel offers rooms for one for about €100,- per night. Breakfast can be included for 15 euros.
Grote Markt 38-40
6511 KB Nijmegen
024 221 0075

Hotel Credible is located in the city centre, about fifteen minutes walking distance from the train station. Their 1-person room can be booked for about €90,-. Breakfast can be included for €14,-.
Hertogstraat 1
6511 RV Nijmegen
024 322 0498

Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent
This hotel is located at the opposite side of the river. Public transport takes you to the city centre and to the University. A 2-person room can be booked for about €120,-.
Hertog Eduardplein 4
6663 AN Nijmegen
024 792 02 00

Bastion Hotel Nijmegen
Hotel located next to the road that leads to the highway. Convenient for those travelling by car. Without a car, the hotel is difficult to reach, especially from University. Recently renovated, it offers rooms from €85,- upwards.
Neerbosscheweg 614
6544 LL Nijmegen
023 373 01 00

Hotel de Prince
Hotel de Prince is located in one of the nicest shopping streets in Nijmegen. The distance to the train station is about a fifteen minute walk, but public transport (bus) is right around the corner. The hotels offers one person rooms for €100,- and 2-person rooms for €130,-.
Lange Hezelstraat 44
6511 CK Nijmegen
024 360 4510

Hotel Courage Waalkade
This hotel is located next to the river and right in the city centre. It is about a 20-minute walk to the train station. Public transport (bus) is right around the corner. The hotel offers single rooms, including breakfast, for about €130,- per night.
Waalkade 108 – 112
6511 XR Nijmegen
024 360 4970

Hotel Oranjestaete
This hotel is located in the city centre, about a 10 minute walk from the train station. The hotel offers double rooms for about €140,- per night.
Oranjesingel 66
6511 NZ Nijmegen
024 845 2009 


The nearest airports to Nijmegen are Schiphol and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and Dusseldorf and Weeze in Germany; all except Weeze are international airports. Nijmegen is approximately a 90 minute train-ride from each one of them.

To organize your train travel you can use (for international trips), and for local trains. Both are available as phone apps as well. You can also find train schedules on or the 9292 app.

You can buy tickets online in the NS app or at the vending machines at the train stations. At the train stations, you’ll need a ticket (either online or a physical ticket) to open the gates that lead to the platforms. For more information, see this website.

You can also buy a OV-card (costs for the card: €7,50) which gives you access to all public transport (including busses). You’ll need to load money onto this card and then you can use the card to pay for busses and trains etc. For more information on this OV-card, see this website.

Local bus information

For local travel by bus, you can go to or use the 9292 app. This provides itineraries, fares, and live updates. In the busses, you can also pay with a OV-card or buy a single ticket with the bus driver with your debit or credit card. If you have a OV-card, you must press that on the card reader when you step into the bus, but also when you leave the bus.

If you are staying in central Nijmegen, the easiest way to reach the Berchmanianum is by taking the number 10 bus from the bus stop to the left (as you face) the train station and get out at stop ‘Erasmusgebouw’. Other buses also go to the University leaving from the bus terminal to the right (as you face) the train station, for example bus numbers 12 (towards Druten), 15 (towards Wijchen) and 300 (towards Nijmegen Heyendael). You can always ask the bus driver if the bus stops at stop ‘Erasmusgebouw’ and the bus driver will tell you if you have the right bus.  

Restaurants Nijmegen City Centre


1. Wally
Nice hamburger place with lots of vegetarian and vegan options. Price for a burger is about 14 euros.
Hertogstraat 47
6511 RW Nijmegen
024 324 2202

2. Dromaai
Affordable dining place with a generous main course for 13 euros. Many vegetarian options. Offers a wide range of delicious desserts for about 5 euros.
Plein 1944 25
6511 JC Nijmegen
024 360 0085

3. De Plak
This café is famous in Nijmegen because of its free-spirited ambiance. It offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and all main courses (with a generous amount of food) are around 15 euros.
Bloemerstraat 90
6511 EM Nijmegen
024 322 2757


1. Arsenaal 1824
Situated in a old weapon storage, this restaurant offers main course for about 20 euros. It combines a French, Mediterranean and eastern kitchen and serves vegetarian and vegan options.
Arsenaalpoort 1
6511 PN Nijmegen
024 324 4833

2. De Waagh
This restaurant is situated right in the middle of the market square in one of the oldest buildings still standing in Nijmegen. It offers main courses for about 25 euros and includes some vegetarian and vegan options as well.
Grote Markt 26
6511 KB Nijmegen
024 360 0809

3. Humphrey’s
Today, Humphrey’s is a restaurant chain in the Netherlands, but their first restaurant was located in Nijmegen. They offer a three course menu for about 34 euros. There are some vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.
Marienburg 59
6511 PS Nijmegen
024 360 2880


1. Manna
This restaurant also includes a hotel. They specialize in fish dishes, but also offer meat and vegetarian options. A four-course chef’s choice menu is 54 euros, a main course around 30 euros.
Oranjesingel 2C
6522 NS Nijmegen
024 365 0990

2. De Nieuwe Winkel
Nijmegen’s only restaurant with two michelin stars. Prized for its vegetarian cuisine. Reservation is needed and has to be made months in advance. A six course menu is offered at 110 euros or 180 euros including matching drinks.
Gebroeders van Limburgplein 7
6511 BW Nijmegen
024 322 5093

3. Bistro Flores
This restaurant offers seasonal dishes with a focus on vegetables, although meat and fish are still on the table. A four course menu costs 49 euros.
Kelfkensbos 43
6511 TB Nijmegen
024 322 1037

PaPE 2023 – Speech variation in the wild